Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shooting rain….

A bright sunny spring day in February, that was how I guess people were viewing today, but by about 4 p.m., the clear, cerulean sky with wispy clouds, (that was how a friend put it) gave way to ominous dark clouds, thunder and lightning. That was when I decided I need to take photographs of the rain, and lo and behold, the rain refused to be photographed.

It is not easy to take photographs of rain during the_MG_2681

_MG_1397-1day, unless it is raining extremely heavily and you can get some photos, like these…. _MG_1395

But it is difficult to shoot the rain if it is not too heavy, and I tried several things today. Just pointing the camera at the rain and trying various settings did not work, so I tried some of the tricks that were given here….

National Geographic - Taking photos in the rain - Jim Richardson

but they did not work very well, using the flash got me something like this -


I then tried to shoot the water droplets on the leaves, and got this -


with the previous two not being very impressive, I looked around, and say the rain splashing on the cement courtyard and forming puddles, and that looked nice, so I shot those and liked the pics



but was not totally satisfied. Need to work on shooting in the rain and getting pics that I like :-)


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