Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Today was a lucky day, my nephew, Sean Parmeshwar acquired the iconic Porsche 911 Turbo S, and I spent a part of the morning, shooting it with my new lens, the new Canon wide-angle 10-18 mm IS. 

Here are some pics of the car Smile


Monday, September 14, 2015



Nature has the most beautiful colours and art always imitates nature Smile

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Monochromatic."

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saluting our Sentinels.....

Lots of times, all of us post so many interesting and exciting things in our blogs, however, very few posts make ones heart swell with pride and give us goose bumps....

This video, of the Indian Armed Forces,  will make every Indian stand up and salute our Sentinels �

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lotus of countless petals...


Say not, "I have found the truth," but rather, "I have found a truth."
Say not, "I have found the path of the soul." Say rather, "I have met the soul walking upon my path."
For the soul walks upon all paths.
The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.
The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.
Khalil Gibran

Grave injustice..


ashes to ashes,

dust to dust,

earth to earth�.. 

while one hears these lines in a lot of movies, especially in scenes involving a burial, it was interesting to see a perverse example of the same at Lodhi Garden. Situated in a hidden alcove, were these long forgotten graves. This tree was growing out of a forgotten grave / tomb in the park. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "pushing up daisies".
Why are humans fascinated with death? After clicking these photographs this morning, I did a short internet study on the subject ...  and found this link of 10 bizarre death rituals... 
_MG_7366 Why have we invented rituals to deal with this inevitable fact of life. As someone once said, "Life is a terminal illness".
One of the ways humans deal with death is by burying the dead, be it in simple earthen graves, or something as elaborate as the  Taj Mahal  although, as someone aptly said" tombs are for the living, the dead do not care about them"... or "do we really need stone markers, when we leave so many memories behind".....
In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Creepy."
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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Lime Butterfly @ Bannerghatta

It was a beautiful March morning and a few friends and me set out to visit the Butterfly Park at Bannerghatta, in the outskirts of Bangalore.


Being rather early, we were able to get the butterflies before they become too active. We saw lots of Lime Butterflies (Papilio demoleus) They were busy feeding on Ixora coccinea flowers (also known as jungle geranium, flame of the woods or jungle flame).


In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Close Up."

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections


The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves. Its always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day its a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.
Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Came across this beautiful quote and had to share it with last nights moon capture�

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sunny Tulips

Yellow Tulips @ Gardens by the Bay

Bangalore has been having very morose weather off late, and what better way to beat the cloudy days, than to imagine sunny skies and Yellow Tulips Smile

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top 15 Socially Active Photography Blogs In India - mine is at No. 6 :) have scoured the web for best Photography blogs in India and have come up with the list of top 15 such blogs who are killing it on Social Media. The ranking has been done based on a number of factors including -

  • Total number of Facebook Fans
  • Activity on Facebook Page (we checked the Facebook pages for one full week and checked the number of post likes and shares received during the Month)
  • Twitter Followers
  • Domain Authority

1. The Urge To Wander

The blog is about a travel enthusiast named Madhu. She is an interior designer, but travel is her passion and hobby. She likes to find out the exciting back story of places and their cultural connect, as an independent traveler she likes to explore places and find out their stories.  She captures the best moments from different places and pour her heart out in her writings, beautifully framed posts and eye catching pictures is what makes the blog truly amazing in all means. She writes about the specialty of foods from all the places not just of India but from around the globe. The blog has successfully gathered 432 facebook likes, 50 likes and shares, 11 posts last week and 4118 twitter followers. All this has summed up the total social score upto 41752 and has made it the number one blog in its category.

Check out her Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.

The Urge To Wander

2. 121 Clicks

The blog is contains a lot of articles on photography and for photography. It has DIYs which help you in the setting up of your apparatus. Not just this, blog also has a lot articles on social problems which will enlighten you and make you aware about the problems that the people are going through. The pictures come alive from the text written with it and the combination of both these things makes it amazing. The blogger also shares photography tutorials for the beginners to help them flourish and tips from the top most photographers. The blog has a total of 75000 facebook likes, 2829 shares, 40 posts last week and 2775 twitter followers all this has bought up the blog to the second position it its category.

Check out Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.


3. Suyash Chopra

The blogger Suyash is the co-founder of a Non-Profit organization Aashayein foundation which is running with an objective to provide education for the underprivileged children. The blogger is passionate about photography and loves to capture the beauty of nature and the beauty of historical monuments as well. The blogger writes about the different places he visits along with the photographs he also pens down poems about life and many other things that affect him. The blog in a nutshell is about travel, photography, poems, life and all the day to day happenings. Facebook  page has 15 shares,2 posts last week and 1557 twitter followers, brings about the total social score of the blog to be 15674 and it fetches the third position in its category.

Check out his Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.


4. Mumbai daily

Photography is the art of capturing moments for it to live longer and with a certain proof hence the blogger here tries to capture the little things of Mumbai. He tries to capture the little things of the daily life of the mumbaikars through his lens. The thought behind every picture is astounding and the beauty with which the blogger captures the things that we daily see and ignore and move away is commendable. The blogger clicks pictures of things like life of the daily autorishaw driver, classic cars, places where people live, the blue sky, the regular work done by different people, heritage sites, flora and fauna and a lot more things. The blog has 1290 twitter followers which make the total social score rise up to 12900 and the blog takes the 4th position in its category.

Check out Twitter Handle here.

Mumbai daily

5. Moments in Time

The blogger captures all the minute details of the places she visits and also captures the things which make the place different from other such as the historical monuments, famous markets, clothing, people and a lot other things. Not just India, the blogger travels around the world and captures the precious moments spent and the specialties of different places. The beauty with which she captures the pictures needs no explanation and is self explanatory and also describes the beauty and precision with which it has been captured through the bloggers lens. The blog has 1179 twitter followers which make the total social score rise up to 11790 and the blog is at the 5th position in its category.

Check out her Twitter Handle here.

Moments in Time

6. Santa�s Reindeer

The blogger captures the moments through his lens and the pictures he takes speak a lot about him and how he his perception about the society. His majority clicks are of flora and fauna around the world, he also helps the beginners to learn photography easily, he talks about life, relationships, food, places he visits and a lot other things. The blogger gives beautiful descriptions of his photographs as well. The blog has 762 twitter followers which make the total social score to rise up to 7620 and the blog takes the 6th position in its category.

Check out his Twitter Handle here.

Santa's Reindeer

7. Chaya Chitrakar

Developing a creative eye is how you see things differently. The blogger is a doctor of Indian origin, who moved back to India in 2014 and lives in Guwahati now. He loves to capture pictures of people, places, art, dance, cultures, nature etc. He believes that his blog is like a tangy sauce with beautiful flavors and a sharp taste which is added by the pictures that he captures going around the world of things that excite him. The blog is trilingual � Hindi, English and Italian which makes the task of understanding easier for people. The blogger captures moments witch such precision and love that they seem to come alive. The blog has 91 likes and shares on facebook, 7 posts last week, 615 twitter followers which makes the total social score reach 6514, giving the blog the 7th position in its category.

Check out his Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.


8. Ambitions

Ambitions 4 photography is a platform for photography and training; they offer full time diploma and part time certificate courses in photography. The academy is an official training institute of Canon offering Go pro workshops. The Academy is certified with University of Derby, it offers a variety of courses for the people who are passionate about photography. They also conduct workshops which help the students to grasp better and with ease. The blog has 19264 facebook likes, 50 shares, 5 posts last week and 449 twitter followers which make the total social score of the blog reach up to 4750 and the blog takes the 8th position in its category.

Check out Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.


9. Like The Ocean

The blogger is a dreamer; he loves photography to the fullest and is very much inspired by Mother Nature. He beautifully captures the elemts of nature and writes a description about them to explain their beauty in words. He captures flora and fauna of different places and not just that he captures things like the water fall, the moon, the sun, the stars and a lot other things. There is a section of night photography in the blog which shows the techniques with which he takes the pictures even at night. The blog has 1910 facebook likes, 25 shares, 2 posts last week and 329 twitter followers which make the total social score reach up to 3394 and the blog gets the 9th position in its category.

Check out his Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.

Like The Ocean

10. Journey is Life

The blogger is a travel enthusiast and the passion of photography adds up to it. She loves going around and capturing the beauty of different places, her favorite destination are the Himalayas. The blog presents all the details of the places she visits through pictures from the minutest details to the most famous pieces the blog has it all and the description adds to the beauty of the pictures and compliments it well. The blog has 223 facebook followers, 13 shares, 4 posts last week. It also has 109 twitter followers which makes the total social score of the blog reach upto 1298 and gives it the 10th position in its category.

Check out her Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.

Journey is Life

11. Joshi Daniel

The blogger likes to capture the images of people, their faces, and stories behind them, lifestyles, cultures and traditions. The blog has received a lot of prizes. The blog has received an award in the FEFKA Mohanlal photo contest 2014, word recommended blogs for photography, 2014 blogadda award, India is photography challenge 2014, Nat geo moment award 2012, user showcase, most popular photo blog, best Asian and oceanian photo blog, top 500 category of the Nat geo moment award 2011 and the list goes on. The blog is hence highly recommended and recognized too. The blog has 8626 facebook likes, 419 shares, 20 posts last week which makes the total score of the blog reach 1040 and gives it the 11th position in its category.

Check out Facebook Page here.

Joshi Daniel

12. Cranium Bolts

The blogger loves to capture the pictures of the nature be it plants, flowers, birds and animals the blogger beautifully captures them through his lens. Not just nature he also reviews the food of a lot of hotels and their services too, he also reviews spas and hotels. The pictures of the food which are displayed on the blog are absolutely amazing and mouth watering too. He reviews the best wines in town and clicks too this gives you the idea of which one to buy for yourself. The blogger captured the moments of the world health day 2015 organized by the WHO. The blog has 232 facebook likes, 140 shares, 2 posts last week. It has 50 twitter followers which sums up the total social score to be 644 and gives the blog 12th position in the category.

Check out his Facebook Page and Twitter Handle here.

Cranium Bolts

13. Life Needs A Holiday

As the title states life needs a holiday, constantly working leaves the individual stressful and lethargic hence a vacation is very important. . The blogger likes to travel and write about the exciting places she finds and not just places also the things she likes from those places. She tries to find happiness in the little things of life. She seems to be very impressed with the concept of the Native American belief of a dream catcher, the dream catcher. She captures the small little moments in the daily life of many people from under privileged children playing in the sun to vendors selling their items, from the beauty of the temples to the serenity of the beaches she has successfully captured all these moments through her lens. The blog has 281 facebook likes, 40 shares and 3 posts last week. The total social score of the blog is 156 which help it reach the 13th position in the category.

Check out her Facebook Page here.

Life Needs A Holiday

14. A Rat�s Nibble

The blogger presents the blog in a very adorable way. Being a photography enthusiast she belives her visuals are more powerful than her words and of course she is right her captures are of the small little things that we experience in our daily lives and which give us satisfaction but we forget to acknowledge them in our busy lives things such as the daily street vendors, the food corners, nature, parks, flowers, roads, the blooming flowers and a lot other things. The blogger also reviews things and captures the moments while she is on a holiday. The blog has 192 facebook likes, 11 shares 3 posts last week. This sums up the total social score of the blog to be 156 which help it reach the 14th position in the category.

Check out her Facebook Page here.

A Rat's Nibble

15. A glimpse of paradise

The blogger likes to travel and capture various emotions and moments that define our lives, cultures and the world we live in. The blogger believes that the world has so much to explore and is enchanting, every aspect of nature has its own beauty and the blogger captures it well with his lens also the he states that everyone has their own story and his pictures reveal their stories too. In this blog we come across different cultures with the help of picturesque lands and beauty that our planet holds. The log has 113 facebook likes, 7 shares, 2 posts last week which makes the total social score add up to 104 and the blog reaches the 15th position in the category.

Check out his Facebook Page here.

A glimpse of paradise

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Idyllic community???

What should an Idyllic community have...

For me, it should have lots of trees, open spaces for children to play and lots of flowing water :)

IMG_5777 IMG_5771

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Idyllic."

Sunday, May 03, 2015

KL Sunrise

The first time I saw a sunrise over the ocean was when I went to New Zealand�. We were flying somewhere beside the south coast of Australia and saw the sun rise over the ocean�. I think it was one of the most inspiring sights I saw�..

Ever since then, as we say in India, the keeda (insect / bug) has gotten into my head and every time I think there is a chance of seeing a sunrise, I actually plan my seat so that I can see it Smile


This was one of the pics I captured as we were approaching Kuala Lampur  International �.


And yet another one Smile

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Intricate carvings of the Buddha�

The joy and peace that one gets from ancient carvings is immeasurable�


In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Intricate."

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Karma Chameleon�.

Living in India, one sees the references to Karma in daily life�.

one thing that one learnt, rather early in life is that one reaps what one sows�.so one must be careful what one sows Smile


In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Karma Chameleon."

Peaches and Cream�.

A lazy Sunday morning and beautiful weather at Bangalore prompted me to take out the camera for a spin Smile


My garden has some awesome flowers and it was a joy to photograph them�.


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