Sunday, June 12, 2011

Water Art....

Not all art is permanent and sometimes art can be found at the unlikeliest of places.


A recent walk with DPEG to the Aravalli Bio-Diversity Park near Vaasant Kunj, led us to this overflow pipe.


The pipe as about 10 feet tall, and the wind was spraying the water, overflowing the pipe in all directions,

_MG_5190 _MG_5198

creating great works of art every few seconds.....

_MG_5203 _MG_5202

so we had a nice time shooting for about 10 minutes....

_MG_5199  _MG_5193  

before someone from the park turned off the water.....

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tired feet…..


A recent walk to Chandni Chowk, with friends from the Photosensitive group threw up many interesting sights…. but it was this sight of a cycle rickshaw persons feet, where he was resting after a long day of ferrying people, that somehow epitomises the life on Old Delhi. Simple, hardworking people, who live a existence  from one meal to the next…….