Monday, September 03, 2012

once in a blue moon….


‘once in a blue moon’ a funny term that all of us have used over the years to describe a rare event that happens ….. well once in a blue moon’  …. LOL that was something I could not resist….

Well the history of this phrase is lost in antiquity and was used by farmers to address the 3rd moon of a season, when on rare occasions the season had 4 moons. Later on this term is used to address the second full moon that occurs in one calendar month. This usually happens once every 2.7 years, but this year is special as it has not one but two blue moons… 


  1. Beautiful ! I also tried to take this photograph but my lens was not good enough :(

  2. lovely..awesome, Santosh!
    I tried too but miserably failed:)

  3. Anonymous6/9/12 15:28

    awesome click

  4. Excellent click..your lens is powerful!!

  5. Your moon pictures are always amazing.

  6. Nice facts, thanx for sharing, nice pics...[]