Friday, February 04, 2011

Okhla Bird Park – Butterflies

A recent visit to the Okhla Bird Park allowed me to be enthralled by hundreds of butterflies fluttering around there. There is such a profusion of  lantana there, that it attracts butterflies in droves.

Striped Tiger

A long time ago, when i was doing my post-grad, we used to hate lantana. This is a shrub that was introduced into India as an ornamental plant and soon started displacing native plants in all habitats.

Great Eggfly

Although the plant is disastrous in ecological terms, it is a great introduction to gardens, including home gardens as it is hardy and grows with little maintenance and can make the garden look very colourful…. and attract lots of butterflies…..

Common Evening Brown

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  1. beautiful captures...and great information on Lantana