Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shooting the moon…

The first time I shot the moon was interesting. Thinking that I was a great photographer (what a let down that shoot was), I landed up on my roof and aimed my camera at the moon and shot. And reviewed the shot ( the problem with digital photography is that you do not have to wait to realise your mistakes, they smack you in the face, as soon as you take the pic) only to realise that all I captured was a white blob. So I trudged back home, 3 flights of stairs, lugging the tripod and camera, and after eating humble pie, googled for ‘photographing the moon’.


Came across several sites and posts, which gave great advice. The gist of most of them was, set your ISO to 400, aperture to f/16 and shutter to 1/60 and shoot. Lo and behold, I actually got good shots with this formula. Not great, but good.

That was when my learning curve started off and thanks to countless people who have already shot the moon before me, and guided me, I have started getting some good pics. Not great, but good :-)


I guess, this is one long term (whole-life, like an insurance guy would probably say) project for me.

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