Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Step wells or Baoli’s - 1


Rajon Ki Baoli, one of the famous step wells, is near Adham Khan’s Tomb, in Mehrauli. This magnificent three-storeyed step well is believed to have been built by Daulat Khan during the reign of Sikandar Lodi in 1516. The baoli was used by masons for some time. Hence, it got its name as Rajon Ki Baoli.


The baoli is one of the highlights of Mehrauli Archaeological Park & a favourite with every visitor. Perhaps it is to do with manner in which it is revealed to the eye: the entire structure is subterranean, so as one approaches the entrance, one can only see the the top-most storey. And each level of the baoli slowly reveals itself to the visitor as one walks towards its steps. The baoli-complex has a 12-pillared tomb & a mosque with some pretty plaster decoration on it.


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  1. Anonymous18/6/10 21:07

    Was it really built by some Daulat Khan ? Entire Mehrauli area is full of ruins of palaces and temples...Mehrauli is Mihiravali...