Monday, June 21, 2010

Sex and the ‘Delhi’ City….

A recent movie experience was a nice experience both onscreen as well as off-screen. There were some scenes in the recent Movie “Sex and the City – 2” that were interesting, but what was more interesting was the reaction by the audience.

In one of the scenes, where two (girl) friends are discussing the travails of mother-hood and its attendant problems, and one keeps insisting that  the other keep sipping what looks like a ‘cosmopolitan’ the entire audience were holding their collective breaths, between each revelation. And when one of them said, that when there was a suspicion of the husband straying with the nanny, she was more worried about losing the nanny, several people in the audience applauded.

Such candid feelings, would be unheard of a few years back. Today, people revel in the fact that they are connected to the happenings of the world, and empathise with the agony & ecstasy of women on the other side of the globe……


  1. true, this happens & the collective applause of an audience cab be quite telling