Wednesday, December 09, 2009

National Orchid Garden - 1

Purple Orchid
A rainy morning in Singapore, saw Sandeep Padhye, author of a popular blog on living at Singapore ( andNational Orchid Garden Singapore me venturing out to the National Orchid garden  at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
Having heard a lot about orchids at Singapore (it is the national flower of Singapore), I wanted to see how different the orchids at Singapore, would be, from the ones back home at India.
Entering the gardens I was lamenting on the lack of sunlight, as after attending the photosensitive workshop and meeting Joginder Singh( and Shailan (, I rarely take photos unless I have nice light (Jogi and Shailan will kill me for this ).
And this morning was grey and dull (as can be Singapore Harbourseen from this photograph of the Harbour) and I despaired getting any good photographs, but since I love orchids, I did not want to leave Singapore without visiting the garden, having decided that I’ll just put the camera in the bag, and only take back memories.
Purple Orchid1  Purple Orchid2
On entering the gardens, we saw, to our delight and surprise that the sun was playing hide-and-seek with the clouds, and there were moments when we had lovely sunshine, and were able to take some nice photos. Since i clicked away like mad (as usual), I’d be posting the pics as a series, instead as all at one go, so please bear with me …….

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