Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dance of Death

A beautiful, warm, s_MG_3680ummers morning saw me strolling along the Avon river in Christchurch, when I spied two gulls fighting with each other over some food .


Fights between _MG_3681birds are common. The Cathedral square has a whole bunch of birds fighting with each other over scraps of food left by _MG_3682the tourists, but this was with an intensity that I had never witnessed before. One of the gulls had the neck of the other in its beak and was hell bent on killing the other one. _MG_3688


At least that was how it looked to me.



Even after the second gull tried to retreat the first ‘bully’ followed the second one and kept attacking it until one of the staff of the garden intervened and chased the bully away……


  1. loved the last pic. with an onlooker and the shadows of the combatants as mute witness to the the whole incident. The shadows look really amazing.