Saturday, December 06, 2014

Kryptonite ….

Some crazy ramblings of a wandering soul….
While scrolling through some old images of mine, I came across a photograph of this alien looking Praying Mantis (Order Mantodea) that I had photographed at Hyderabad. This set me thinking of things that are creepy in different ways (several friends were weirded out when I showed them this pic Smile with tongue out)
And that started another train of thought. I was transported back to my younger days (lost in the depths of antiquity Smile) when one used to read Marvel and DC comics and see the great Superman brought to his knees by Kryptonite, which was wielded in true ‘gangsta’ fashion by the ‘evil’ Lex Luthor. I was wondering about all the things that can get one down, on ones’ knees, either literally or figuratively.
A beautiful woman has brought many a man down (and maybe a few women) on their knees by just her looks and poise. Add intelligence, wit & humour to it and one has a lethal combination that is more potent than any C4…

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