Saturday, June 30, 2012

serenity in life….


Often life comes with unanticipated quirks that some call fate, some destiny or some inevitability. To those who are  spiritual it is the hand of God or to us Indians it is Karma, which simplified could mean the inevitable and preordained course of life that is guided by the sum total of deeds done in our past lives.

I remember reading a book by Dr Brain Weiss that a friend asked me to read that spoke about soul mates and how one finds the most unlikely people at the cross roads of life. This was an amplification of the concept of karma and reincarnation, told from a what at that time appeared to be a western viewpoint. probably need to revisit that book. Might even find it in my collection Smile

Anyways, the reason I wrote this post was not to ramble, but to share what I do whenever I reach any cross road in life, and that is to use those words penned so beautifully and attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr ….

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Of course this is part of a longer prayer that can be seen here…

Whenever I am in doubt, all I do is seek guidance from the lines above and I find peace…..

PS: Gazing at the serene Buddha also helps Winking smile



  1. What an unusual post from a photoblogger and how utterly beautiful to read it this morning when it makes so much sense...I gaze into your Serene Buddha and surrender my center to that faith. Thank you.

  2. So simple and so beautiful...

  3. loved the serenity of the post. attempting to understand the mystic relationship of cause and effect, one begins to see that not only do things happen because they had to, but also because they help bring the most important lessons home when they cannot be learned in any other way. thanks for sharing the serenity prayer, it is truly healing.

  4. loved the thoughts in your post and the image too..yess gazing at the buddha helps :)

  5. Thanks for posting is really so good.....