Friday, March 02, 2012

Black Ibis (Pseudibis papillosa)

The Red-naped Ibis (Pseudibis papillosa) also known as the Indian Black Ibis or just the Black Ibis, is a species of Ibis found in parts of the Indian Subcontinent. The photographs below were taken en-route to Kokrebellur Bird Sanctuary, which is near Maddur in Karnataka.


The sexes are alike. It has a curlew-like long down-curved bill, a black head with a patch of crimson, and a white patch near the shoulder.


This largish black bird is found at lakes, in marshes, in riverbeds and on irrigated farmland—it is not as aquatic as many other species of ibis. It is gregarious and generally forages on margins of wetlands in small numbers.


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  1. Seems like a very rare bird..Nice photographs..:-)