Monday, August 22, 2011

Psittacula posturing……

Psittacula krameri - 1

Inspired by several friends who shot action photographs of birds, I tried my hand at some during a recent walk in Deer Park.  The whole thing turned out to be real fun and so decided to share a few of my photographs here.

I found a flock of noisy, gregarious, Psittacula krameri - 2Rose ringed parakeets (Psittacula krameri), feeding on some grains and managed to get some really fun images.

Rose ringed  parakeets, also known as the Ring-necked Parakeet, are gregarious tropical parakeet species that has an extremely large range. In the wild, this is a noisy species with an unmistakable squawking call.

  Psittacula krameri - 3 




Psittacula krameri - 4









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