Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peace in troubled times…..


A trip to my roof on 15th August, 2010, the day India celebrates its 64th Independence Day, showed my a sky beset with clouds and lots of doves flying helter-skelter. On waiting for a while more, I discerned the reason. It was a kite, chasing the doves.

Somehow, this struck me as an example of the state of our country today. We are doves, always have been. This is not because we cannot fight, far from it. We have some of the best warriors in the world, but India, has always believed that more can be achieved through peace, than through war.

Unfortunately, this is something our detractors cannot comprehend, and they persist in their attempts to make us strike back, not understanding that a sleeping lion is not disturbed by the bites of a few mosquitoes. Give us an appropriate challenge, and  see how we react…..

God bless you, India…. may you have centuries of celebrations ahead……

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  1. Love your perspective, Santa! 'Tis full of inspirations...