Sunday, May 02, 2010

St. Saviours Church, Mt. Abu

IMG_2061A recent visit to Mt. Abu at Rajasthan was a visual delight, especially after the dusty and hazy Delhi skies, it was a treat to see clean, washed blue skies. IMG_1844

Opposite my rest house was this quaint little church, which looked pristine and untouched in the morning light. I could not resist and here are a few photos of that beautiful church.

The pastor was kind enough to open it specially for me, considering that it was a working day and there were so services scheduled..

The tin roof and simple exterior masked a pleasant interior, with a few stained glass windows….. beautiful wooden pews and


a star studded ceiling….


the nicest part was thatIMG_1838 the pastor left me alone and went to complete some work, so that I had the run of the church and took my time taking the photographs that I wanted…..


  1. lovely take!! I love the stars and the blue ceiling - very unusual!!! and a very nice touch!

  2. i love the first shot...with all the right colors and perfect light...