Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love is in the air…..


It was a warm day, one of the last of February, signalling that winter had finally gotten over and spring was in the air. All around, there were blooming flowers, in a riot of colours, with pretty butterflies and buzzing bees galore….


To enjoy the beautiful, albeit warm day, I took a morning walk in Delhi zoo, that more than reinforced this perception of mine as there were couples all around, both human and animal… the human were all colourful, walking around oblivious to the world, sprawled on benches and on the grass….


But like the humans, the animals were also wooing their partners; the male Asiatic lion was prancing outside the gate of the enclosure that the female was in. But it was the tenderness that a pair of giraffes displayed that made my morning fruitful…. The male and female giraffes were so loving in the way that they touched and caressed each other, their gestures stated unequivocally that spring is finally here and “Love is in the air”