Monday, January 25, 2010

Canon – Service extraordinaire

Canon 40 D with 17-85 is lens

It was on my recent trip to New Zealand, that my main walk around lens started having problems. My Canon EOS 17 – 85 IS lens, was giving an “error – 01” when I tried to take wide angled shots, and worked fine from focal length 35mm onwards. Trawling the web gave me some answers, that the diaphragm motor is the likely cause of this problem. Canon Auckland informed me that they will take 3 weeks and about NZ $ 300 - 400  to rectify the problem.

Not having that much time on my hands, ICanon EOS 40 D with 17-85 is lens returned back to India, with a heavy heart, and fewer photographs. Once here, I contacted Canon Service Centre at Gurgaon. I was totally impressed by the response, the quality of service and the speed of service.

The pick-up point at Bikaji Cama was very responsive and professional. The minute the lens was ready, Canon Gurgaon called me, told me the cost and the problem. Within 30 mins, the service centre also calls me and informs of the same. What impressed me most was the fact that the person who did the actual service, had put a card, addressed to me, along with the repaired lens, giving his name and assuring me of the quality of the service. Thank you Canon.


  1. Hi Santosh,
    Now you know why I am using Canon! Tell you the truth behind service, it actually depends much more up on who is dealing with you! yes, believe me, that is really the case, some time if you get stuck with the wrong person then you had it!! I really feel sorry for you that you could not use your camera as much as you would like to while you were on your holiday to New Zealand neither would be wise to say "better luck next time" because we don't make trips to the same destination every now and then. I am glad that at the end it was sorted.

  2. I am glad to be on CANON too.... love it!!