Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden; the minute one hears that a photographic shoot is scheduled here, a collective groan goes up, because for a photographer at Delhi, Lodhi Garden is a place where one has 'been there, done that'. One does not realise that sometimes visiting a place is more to meet friends and to hone your skills rather than find new stuff......

Well that is what one thinks, but then once you are there, you realise that, hey, there are new things to shoot and new stuff to capture.

 From flowers, to rainbows, the gardens are a veritable paradise.

My very first shoot at the gardens yielded me stuff, that was lovely. Later shoots were not as enthusiastic and that was reflected in the kind of photographs one took.

Then came along Photosensitive, where Shailan and Jogi make it clear that they are not looking for anything other than the best, so then the exploration started....

With new angles, and new ideas, sometimes when one is seeking, even the God's do lend a hand and offer you

awesome sunsets,

swirling clouds

and of course, a rainbow :-)

....... add this to friends willingly posing for you, as Pratibha and Rita did during the photowalk, and Lodhi Garden comes alive with the sound of clicks.

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