Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Dilli Haat - Pitampura

New Dilli Haat - Pitampura: A place with a streamlined body but no soul.......

On reading that a new Dilli Haat was inaugurated by the Government of Delhi, in a bigger, more spacious (their words, not mine) area, with a spice counter, etc., etc., I made grand plans and set out with my trusty camera to capture a few sights.....

After parking at Patel Chowk and boarding the metro, was looking forward to Pitampura, on the metro 'red line' .....

After passing a station called Netaji Subash Place (2 stations before Pitampura) , I look below, and I see a sight that looked a lot like how our 'old Dilli Haat, looks like. Realising that the Pitampura was a misnomer, got off at the next station and returned to Netaji Subash Place, from where the new Dilli Haat is literally a stones throw away.

On seeing the line of cars eager to enter the underground parking (Delhi Govt claims that they have space for 400 cars) I too entered the main portals eagerly.... (entry is FREE until 30th April) where my hopes
and aspirations plummeted....

Where there is a certain rustic charm right when you enter the old dilli haat, here I could only see a mall like atmosphere, with back to back shops, streamlined in rows precise to a point.

Setting aside my scepticism, I went searching for the food area..... I mean, who goes to Dilli Haat to shop, and was met with further disappointments. The mall like culture is prevalent
here also…. There are two rows of food stalls on either side of a central amphitheatre. The old stone tables of the old Dilli haat still exist, but here, like at a mall, you have only self service, with the food taking an inordinately long time, and without the efficiency of the malls, the counter staff have no clue about the orders, and every time, they serve, you, they look with longing at the crockery, asking you 20 questions as to whether you intend to steal them…..

It was then that I decided, that unless I have a serious problem in life, I am going to give this place a very wide berth…. because I want to go to a place to relax and chill out as we usually do at the old haat, not go to a place which may be technically perfect (it doesn’t look so) but lacking a soul……..


  1. Hmm, I think I'll have a look at it as well to see how it is. Parking Problems? I guess I'll park at the metro station parking itself & walk to the Haat! :)

  2. Actually I was also thinking of going to Dilli Haat with my in-laws and sons during weekdays expectings too much crowd on weekends. Now that your blog does not give very good impression about the place, I would rethink of visiting this place with my family.
    I was actually thinking of going there and eating food from different states. I was more excited coz I thought I would get to eat food from my place after a long time.
    And again cotton fabrics from rural areas with bright colours was what I was thinking to buy...I really wonder if I would get to see this variety in Dilli Haat, Pitampura.
    Now I would wait for some good comments of this place before I head towards Dilli Haat, Pitampura with my family.
    Hmmm.........so I have to wait a little longer to eat food from different states of our country.
    I wish some kind of festival comes up often to this place to brighten up and live upto to our expectations.

  3. Back when I was at JNU, I used to head out to Dilli haat for the momo's and fruit beer. Have bought some awesome things from there. But when I went there after 6 long yrs, even nostalgia failed to work its charms on the momos. So much for memories and all that jazz. Maybe I need to go back with the same friends. :D

  4. Finally a post after 2 long years. Itna intezar.

  5. dilli haat truly had some great food and amazing fruit beer! i used to often head there with my two best friends and discuss every damn thing on earth and we used to hv a blast shopping too! but if this is wht u write...im saddened ! :((

  6. quite an interesting post....dilli haat(the original one) is one of my fav hangouts....in fact, I have done a post on it in my "my favorite places in delhi section"...

    and I have been to the pitampura dilli haat also, what i felt was that it lacks the ambiance, inspite of the infrastructure....


  7. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing. Dilli Haat is a must do if you are on a vacation in the capital. Under the open sky, numerous little kiosks sell jewellery, paintings, fabrics, saris, pottery, furniture, and of course food from across the country. Check out Dilli Haat timings, entry fee and many more.